Limited Edition World of Tanks Licensed Collectibles - Now in Stock and Shipping


When will the models be in stock and ready to ship?

Products purchased from this website or our China reseller are expected to ship in December.  Products purchased from our network of distributors outside of China including First Legion USA will not ship until early March we estimate due to worldwide shipping delays resulting in the products not arriving in Europe/USA until that time.   Ordering from resellers closer to your location will most likely save you shipping costs if you're willing to wait to receive the models. 

Where do you ship to?

We ship to a select group of countries from our China fulfillment center.  If you cannot purchase because we don't ship to your country, you should order the models from one of our resellers or from First Legion USA Inc which ships worldwide from the USA.  Please also note that shipping rates are often far less for areas of Europe/Eastern Europe from our US Fulfillment Center.

What are the expected delivery times for the different shipping options?

BoxC Post is 12-16 Days

BoxC Parcel is 6-10 Days

BoxC Priority is 4-6 Days

Please note that these are estimates, not guarantees. 

What is the difference between the China Region and Non-China Region Models?

The models themselves are identical.  The primary difference is that the in game bonus code to unlock the free content will only work on the China game servers for the China Region models.  In addition, the Bonus Cards and Collector's Leaflet are in Chinese in the China Region Models.

Where do the models ship from?

All models purchased from this website ship from our China Fulfillment Center at discounted shipping rates.   If you would like to have a model ship closer to you, please visit the resellers page.  

How big are the models?

The Premium edition model is 1/30th scale and the Standard Edition Model is 1/32nd Scale.   You can find exact measurements of each model in the detail of the product listing.  

What is your Return or Exchange policy?

As a limited edition collectibles company, all sales are final and we do not offer returns or exchanges.  In the event that you receive a defective product, please contact us and we will take care of that. 

What are the differences between the Standard Edition and  Premium Edition?

  • The Premium Model is numbered and limited to 300 units Worldwide.  The Standard Edition is limited to 5,000.
  • The Premium model is larger at 1/30th scale vs 1/32nd scale for Standard.
  • The Premium Model is fully hand painted in Camouflage to a very high quality with advanced weathering techniques while the Standard Model is painted to a metallic finish.
  • The Premium model comes with a high end magnetic collectors box. 
  • The Premium model comes with more in game Bonus Content than the Standard Model.
  • The Standard Model has both a working suspension and functioning tracks which the Premium model does not have.  This is our first vehicle to have such features.  

What are the models made of?

Both the Premium Edition and Standard Edition are fully hand made using a wide variety of materials for various parts as appropriate.   The Premium model is most similar to all tanks we have produced previously, while the Standard Model has a greater level of machine work (die casting, injection tooling, etc). Please see the detailed product listing for more information on specific materials for each model.

Will other models be produced as part of this series?

We certainly hope so but it depends on achieving reasonable levels of sales, so if you want to see more of these types of products in the future please be sure to support the initiative and pick up these products so we will be able to make more products like these in the future.   We are currently in discussions with Wargames to determine what model from the World of Tanks game will be next in the series.