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Our Story

First Legion was created in 2007 and we released our first products in 2008. For several years in the early story of our company, our business was focused exclusively on making the world’s best historical military figurines. There we have gained a market leading reputation that is second to none. Since 2008 we have released literally thousands of exquisitely sculpted and painted military vehicles and figurines in our signature 60mm scale across dozens of periods in history. Our 60mm ranges cover many of the major conflicts throughout human history, from Ancient Greece and the Wars of Alexander all the way down to the Vietnam conflict and almost everything in between.

Beyond that, we also make a range of museum standard 75mm scale fully painted figures for the Napoleonic Wars, as well as unpainted kits across a number of different scales including a 1/35 scale resin series of WW2 figures.

We have built a brand for our historical toy soldier ranges that has become synonymous with quality, detail and historical accuracy. Simply put, our figurines are widely regarded as some of the finest in the world and the best value in the price - quality matrix with a depth of figure ranges that is unparalleled. We truly hope you enjoy collecting and gaming with our products as much as we enjoy making them.

A number of years ago we expanded our offering beyond historical military figurines with the launch of our celebrated 75mm ‘Femmes Fatales’ figurines range and a successful Kickstarter project to launch our high quality resin 28mm fantasy figurine range. We continue constantly to expand our 28mm scale fantasy figurines range and plan ultimately to have available a catalogue that will offer collectors and gamers alike a vast choice of 28mm fantasy figurines for role play gaming, large scale fantasy wargaming and collecting.  And with our latest partnership with, we are continuing our expansion to licensed collectible products based on award winning IP from leading PC game developers.  

In short, our business goes from strength to strength and we believe our continued growth and success is driven by our core business philosophy. That is to produce products across all our ranges of the highest quality at affordable prices that represent excellent value for money; all underpinned by a first rate customer experience. We aim to make products that we ourselves want to collect and game with and we are and will remain our own greatest critics. We plan to continue to grow and to launch new products and ranges into new markets and we look forward to bringing announcements to market of exciting new launches in the months and years to come.

First Legion